How Stable Are They?

Emulsitech® provides natural and convenient colors for any project… but just how stable are these vibrant yellow & orange hues?

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Closing the Gap:
Innovations in Class I Caramels

Caramel colors are used to color just about every kind of food product. And while you might think “brown is brown, why does it matter which class of caramel I use?” the technical properties vary widely between the three main classes – I, III, and IV.

What’s the Difference between Bixin and Norbixin?

Annatto is a yellow to red-orange natural color that is extracted from the spiney seed pods of the Bixa orellana, or achiote, bush. It is native to tropical growing areas in Central and South America as well as Africa. In some countries like Brazil, the seeds

Video: Testing the Heat Stability of Natural Colors

How We Test the Heat Stability of Natural Colors Understanding natural color stability is critical for guiding customers to the best solution for their products. And testing natural colors for heat stability is especially important for applications like

How do you test natural color stability?

Natural color stability is a multifaceted question - but critical for guiding customers to the best solution for their food and beverage products. Many factors affect the stability of natural colors - from the raw material quality, formulation, food

Alternatives to Carmine

Cochineal and carmine are natural colors extracted from the cactus-dwelling cochineal insect that is native to Latin America. Depending on the method of extraction, they can range in hue from orange to red to purple. They have excellent heat, light, and pH

What is the difference between suspensions and Emulsions

What are suspensions and emulsions? Natural colors, like any organic molecule, have diverse solubility characteristics, which are crucial factors when developing solutions for food and beverage applications. Anthocyanins, for example, are typically pink to


Closing the Gap:
Innovations in Class I Caramels
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