Color Matching

Color matching is often necessary when customers switch natural color suppliers or move from synthetic to natural colors. In both cases, we need to match the original color as closely as possible. But how do we do this? We’ll show you using the example of

Video: How We Color Match

We often work with customers that are either switching natural color suppliers or moving from synthetic to natural colors. In both cases, we need to match the original color as closely as possible. Our Senior Applications Scientist, Katie Rountree, explains

Top 5 Considerations When Choosing a Natural Color

There are hundreds of different types of natural colors from dozens of different sources and choosing the best natural color for your product can seem daunting. So, we’ve selected the top 5 key factors that influence color choice for a specific

How is Caramel Color Made?

How is Caramel Color Made? In simple terms, caramel color is made by cooking carbohydrates. It is similar to how you would make caramel on a stovetop – you heat sugar until the color changes from white to dark brown. But in order to create large

Colorful Collaboration

Harvested from Nature, Perfected with Science For us, working with manufacturers to create beautiful products is what it's all about! We partnered with New Hope Network to show you how we do

Transparent Supply Chain

Chlorophyll is found in the chloroplasts in green plants. It’s abundance in nature and vibrant green color make it ideal for use as a natural food color.    EU and UK regulations require chlorophyll for use as a color in foods and beverages to be

Amaize® Red:
A New Anthocyanin Source

Red from Purple Corn Introducing a simple label red color from anthocyanins that has a completely transparent supply chain from seed to sale: Amaize® red from purple

Naturbrown® Ingredients

Beautiful Browns from Natural Sources Naturbrown® Ingredients provide a wide range of brown colors, created by cooking apples, tomatoes, onions, and other natural foods. Because the only way to have a simple label, is to start with simple

Natural Colors for Plant Based Burgers

Looks like real meat! We give a quick demonstration on using natural colors for a plant-based burger with a raw to cooked